Perhaps “good and evil" are illusions of society. Labels used as part of a narrative which was created to simplify human beings into stereotypes. Thereby making people easier to manipulate and control. So now we have “sheeple” and mindless automatons that are under the influence of those who have ceased power to create and proliferate narratives built upon negative connotations.  

We do not fit in a box of someone else’s design and making. The perceptions of others do not define who we are. Perhaps there is no true “evil” however the forcing of a people into a particular paradigm will no longer be allowed.

For that purpose, we will control the narrative of our own story. This is our true power. In fact, this is the essence of power. Humans perceive and interpret the reality of living through stories. So within the stories that are told, taught and propagated by others, we need to critically think about where we have been positioned. Not only that, we need to take ownership of our stories in order and in chaos to create and control our own narratives. We must tell our own stories. We cannot depend on someone’s, anyone’s single story to describe us. We are more than monolithic.  We are a beautiful collection of complexities and characteristics that continue to stretch the boundaries of being. We are A Company of N3RDS.