William – A COMPANY of N3RDS

Art is my passion. Passion is power.


My name is William. We are A COMPANY of N3RDS and art is power.

Drawing and art was my first personal expression of self. The power of art helped me to articulate my thoughts and feelings.

As a child, I remember my sister and I would watch morning cartoons before leaving for school. So programs like Felix the Cat and Rocky and Bullwinkle were standards early in the AM.

Way back in time, there used to be these printed publications called, newspapers. I imagine some of generation Z folks are like, “What’s a printed publication?” But anywho, I used to read Family Circle by Bil Keane and Life in Hell by Matt Groening. I know now these strips helped to up my reading level and also assisted me in being a bit sarcastic as a kid.

I grew up in the 80s. So like a lot of Black children in Baltimore, after school cartoon watching was a usual thing. Tranzor Z, Speed Racer, Sport Billy and SilverHawks were some of my favorites. I’m still baffled by how some folks have only seen the lion version of Voltron. When I bring up the vehicle version they’re all like, “What the heck are you even talking about?” But I digress.

In the inner city, these cartoons became part of our culture. The dialogue between the characters was injected into our everyday conversations. We used these cartoons as references to make jokes and points because everyone in our circles were familiar with the content. As my wife will tell you even to this day one of us can start the Thunder Cats chant and we’ll both finish out. Thunder, thunder, thunder Thunder Cats hoooooo!. (This is the greatest episode I’ve ever seen in my life, - Lavell Crawford voice) - http://po.st/sVboY7


As I grew, my passion for art only increased. I attended a high school in Baltimore which offered a curriculum in art. The program was officially crafted for commercial art. However the program’s instructor, Mr. Alford was such a talented and dedicated educator, he recognized the potential of many students and went out his way to offer personal tutelage and mentorship for animation, inking, sketching and other artistic outlets.

In high school, art and music were my passion. Like most people, after high school passion meets reality. This meeting can be compared to painting an oil piece on a un-primed canvas. Meaning, at some point the un-primed canvas will begin to crack apart. Not the greatest experience. However, you will live and learn. Prime your canvas i.e. preparation is key. But I digress.

As I continued through life, my passion for art would grow into technology. My interests and creativity eventually brought me to web design and programming.     

 I continued to be fascinated and intellectually stimulated by art. I recognize art as both as both a tool and expression of one’s power.

My name is William. We are A COMPANY of NERDS.

Fight evil. Kick Ass.

Thank you,


William Danney

Chief Information Officer